Robert Harris Music Productions

Robert is the owner of Robert Harris Music Productions. Robert spent 15 years in Los Angles writing,producing and recording at Fast Traks Recording Studio from 1980 through 1995. Robert sold the recording studio and moved to Central Florida in 1995. For the last ten years, Robert has been making a living performing music full time and doing some occasional projects in his studio. Up until now Robert's studio has been reserved for his own projects and a few private projects. This has now changed. Robert's personal recording studio is now open to producing, arranging and recording for you. Robert's last three projects where self produced and recorded in his studio. He produced three National hit songs, "Monaco", "Steppin Out", and just this year the new hit song "Moving Forward" all have charted on the National Billboard charts. Read some of the reviews Robert has received on his last three projects.

Live Recording Service:
Complete multi track recording for live performances with the same high quality specifications you get in the studio. There are several different options available for live recording depending on your needs and budget.
Songwriter Package:
Includes full arrangement and production of your song. Access to studio musicians on staff, and access to all instruments in studio. Includes complete mastering to a finished product.
Showcase Your Talent Demo:
Reproduction of your favorite cover tune to showcase your talent. Whether you're a vocalist, Guitarist, Sax player etc. We will reproduce your favorite songs in the key of your choice, then record your talent. There are several options available for this service depending on your needs and budget.
Backing Track Service:
Reproduction of your favorite cover tunes to be used as accompaniment for live application (background tracks). Tracks will be mixed down to CD and MP'3 formats. Multi discounts available for repeat customers and multi orders.
Mixing & Mastering:
Mixing and or Mastering of your project regardless of the format of your project, with latest hardware and software mastering tools and plug-in.
Complete CD cover design.
Professional CD cover design in Adobe Illustrator. Professional print ready. This service can be done with your photo's or our professional photographer can be used. We specialize in short run CD Duplication at a very reasonable price.
Studio To Go:
If it works better for you… the studio can come to you. To your home or rehearsal studio with the same high quality multi track results. There are some limitations recording in the field. Some of the tracks may have to be done in the studio. Final mastering would also have to be done in the studio.
Live Sound Reinforcement:
Complete sound system for live gigs, including a sound engineer. Top of the line Yamaha 01v digital mixing console with Yamaha power amps and speakers. B-52 Sub woofers. Sound system is not intended for large outdoor festivals. Call to discuss your sound reinforcement needs, we can refer you to a larger sound company if your requirements are larger than we can provide.
Standard recording service with hourly rate:

Robert is very selective in the projects he takes on. He personally does all the arranging, producing, and recording of the projects. There are no 2nd or 3rd step-in engineers, he personally does it all. Robert has a very busy schedule between recording and performing, that is why he only schedules one project at a time so that projects can be finished in a timely fashion.